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October 10, 2016
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October 26, 2016
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From the podium at Spartan World Championships, to a tough decision at OCRWC with Faye Stenning

In this episode I talk to Faye Stenning. Faye took 3rd at Spartan Race World Championships in a talked about burpee race at the end with Lindsay Webster. Following her outstanding podium at Spartan Race World Championships, she had a to make a tough decision to walk away from the race at Obstacle Course Racing World Championships (OCRWC).

We talk in detail about how she took a leave of absence from work to dedicate a full 4 months to training which ultimately allowed her to make it to the podium at SRWC.  She breaks down the race for us, sharing a breakdown of some of the obstacles, how she felt during the race and how she was able to make it through some of the “dark places” that she was in when she felt like she couldn’t finish in the top group.

We also talk about what happened at OCRWC that led to her walking off the course. She tells us about what obstacles she likes, and what obstacles she didn’t like. Faye talks a lot about obstacles that don’t test you physically, but ultimate are more dangerous then they are worth and what its like when you come to an obstacle like that.

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Jay Bode
Jay Bode
Hey there! I am Jay, the host of the Overcome and Run Podcast. I am a 31 year old active duty Navy Sailor, Obstacle Course Race (OCR) enthusiast, and podcast host. I have been a self proclaimed runner since 2013, and made the switch to OCR's in 2015 and haven't looked back. I am always training and trying new things in the sport of OCR and will be sharing my training successes and failures with my Overcome and Run community. I'll see you all out on the course! Jay


  1. Kevin Jones says:

    Spartan Race and Obstacle Course Racing are NOT synonymous and should never be used in the same sentence together. Spartan needs to be more ‘true’ obstacle oriented like OCRWC, Toughest and the late-great BattleFrog and eliminate the burpee out option for all money waves.

    • Ken Peluso says:


    • James Rathbun says:

      Agreed! Spartan Race has moved in one direction and OCR has gone another. There should never be games of chance (i.e. spear throw) or the ability to opt out of doing what is asked and do something else instead (i.e. burpees) or non-standardized obstacles (i.e. fill your own bucket, grab your own log of any size, etc. vs. the pre-filled standardized weights at OCRWC). It’s crazy that Spartan, of all circuits, has stuck to such a variable and poorly policed format when they were the first to push for a truly competitive race and for making this into a real sport.

    • Aimee says:

      Totally agreed. Being able to burpee out of any failed obstacle is a totally different format than losing a band. OCRWC and BF w the use of bands over Burpees is a more true format. Plus, things are standardized across the board. I don’t see how you can have a burpee out option for a podium finish. But that’s just my opinion.

  2. […] on Dragons Back which is a Toughest original obstacle. We had a long conversation with Faye in episode 38 about Dragons Back in OCRWC. Brian shares with us that though its a mentally terrifying obstacle, […]

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